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Special Event Permit

Miami Beach Special Event Permit Information

To apply for a Special Events Permit, please visit > Apply for a Permit > Special Events Permit. The system will re-route you to CSS, where you can create a log-in or log-in to your existing account and apply for a permit (please search for and select “Special Events up to 4 consecutive days”.   


Please note the City has upgraded the Citizen Self Service authentication security. If you already have an active account and are having trouble logging in with your previous login credentials, please use the linked document for assistance.

PERMIT REQUIREMENTS (include, but are not limited to):

  • 90 Day Deadline- prior to load in (Required documents at time of application)

    • CAD Site plan with total square footage usage and temporary structures with dimensions – see attached example

    • Run of Show/ Schedule (inclusive of load-in and load-out) – see attached example

  • 60 Day Deadline - prior to load in

  • 45 Day Deadline - prior to load in (if applicable)

    • MOT Plan Review for all closures – at minimum 45 days prior to load in  

·         Step 1. (if new to CSS the applicant must first create an account) 

·         Step 2. Under Permits Icon, click “Apply for Permits Online” 

·         Step 3. On the left-hand side, click “Show Categories” 

·         Step 4. Under Categories, click “Public Works (42)” 

·         Step 5. Scroll down until “Sidewalk Closure” and click Apply  

·         Step 6. “Add Location” is the address of the property 

  • Filming/Drone details – at minimum 45 days prior to load in

  • Building Permit application – where applicable.

    • Building permit for temp structure (Building) - If you will have any temporary structures, you may need to pull a Building's permit at minimum 45 days prior to load in  - please include an affidavit for each vendor who will install the structure(s) - Special Events Affidavit Form | City of Miami Beach (

      • Building requirements: Temporary structures require that you pull a CMB Building permit. Temporary structures such as risers below 30”, tents below 10X10, and generators under 5000 watts do not require a Building permit. All other structures must go for review. Please complete your Building Online Application asap. You will also need to complete an affidavit for each vendor who will provide the temporary structure to be included with your BOA. You will receive a BOA# and you must pay the $50 application fee. Building will review and generate a TS number. Please check your email regularly for updates.

***Please note that Building permits supersede Special Event Permits. Failure to obtain your Building permit will result in delay of your events permit and/or denial.*** 

  • 30 Day Deadline - prior to load in

    • Certificate of Insurance – see attached example

      • Must include Liquor Liability if liquor is being sold

    • Indemnity Agreement -

    • Fire/Life Safety Plan Review – at minimum 30 days prior to load in  

    • Sanitation Plan – see attached example

    • PD Review – at minimum 30 days prior to load in  

    • Parking Request – at minimum 30 days prior to load in  

      • Spaces to only be used for structure placement or load in /load out support

    • Residential benefit – please see attached

    • ADA accessibility review

Important Information Regarding Permitting

  • Pepsi and Red Bull Exclusive Pouring Rights – Please see summary of pouring rights agreement

  • Deposit Refunds – Please note that security deposits are refunded to the name and address found on the Certificate of Insurance

PERMIT FEES (additional fees may apply):

  • Application Fee - $286

  • Permit Fee - $286 / $570

  • 14 Day Deadline Fee - $286 / $570

  • Late Fee - $286 / $570

  • Security deposit - $2,500 – $20,000

***Please note these fees apply if invoices are paid by September 30, 2023. Starting October 1, 2023, fees will reflect a new CPI increase for the new Fiscal Year***



Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Special Events Team at 305.673.7577.


Thank you,


You may pay online at:



Alicia Santos, Special Events Liaison


1755 Meridian Avenue, Suite #500, Miami Beach, 33139

Main: 305.673.7577 | Direct: 305.673.7000 x 6385 |

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